Online Casino Games in New Zealand

Although, believing that the supervised, governed and the state-regulated betting services are effectively working to cater for their players and customers are extremely likely to be true.

If you ever require placing an online bet….

…. You would find out that local online venues are not accessible. The only online betting provided and monitored by the New Zealand laws are TAB, The New Zealand Racing Board and Lotto NZ.

The 2003 Gambling Act: Under The Recent Legislation.

Remote digital betting (i.e. individual betting by communicating through a device such as computers, radios, phones and related devices at a distance) is forbidden apart from:

Lottery-like sale campaigns that are carried out in New Zealand.

Categories of remote digital betting that is authorized and carried out by the New Zealand Racing Board and The New Zealand Lottery Commission.

Companies that are primarily based in New Zealand are forbidden from undertaking any Casino related services/software like online slots, roulette and so on.

However, it is safe to know that these limitations are only applicable to firms having their servers and carry out their operations within the borders of New Zealand. This, however, creates an avenue for the local player to have multiple unrestricted access to local and physical betting sites and at the same time enjoy outstanding programs that the international community have to offer.

New Zealand occupants will not only have the opportunity to enjoy several casino games and remarkable game companies that were inaccessible through their local centers but also be able to access impressive registration bonuses, weekly benefits, contests and promotions that are provided by gaming providers and casinos, active player forums and so on by becoming members of reliable, highly regarded, properly evaluated online casinos which can be easily accessed with very simple clicks and keystrokes.

Banking and Payment Procedures.

New Zealand betting players might encounter little or no limitation in joining well-regarded and reliable online betting platforms and in their ability to utilize their preferred payment solutions on these betting platforms.
Although several payment solutions are being utilized by most of these platforms, many of the prominent betting platforms, however, offer similar payment solutions to their customers.

Funding your online casino account using major debit or credit cards are usually available generally although it might not be the most suitable choice for the player. A cryptocurrency wallet or e-wallet offers an extra layer of security and separation between the casinos and your financial institution which is usually characterized with shorter withdrawal processes and quicker time in handling withdrawal errors.
Payment solutions that are well known for New Zealand players are:

1. POLi
“Make payment with your internet banking – POLi is an online payment platform that offers safe payment solutions for goods and services using your internet banking”.

2. Paysafe
Paysafecard is an online payment solution incorporated with a 16-digit pin, without the need of a banking account, personal or credit information. The vouchers can be easily purchased at local selling points and simply with the pin, make payment at the checkout of the store.

3. Skrill
Skrill allows you to make safe and prompt international money transfers and payments that range from online shopping, betting, and gaming.

4. Neteller
Neteller allows safe and easy online payment at stores that do not support credit or debit cards.

5. PayPal
PayPal allows simple, fast and easy money transfer that allow you to send and receive payments or even creating a vendor account.

6. Entropay
Entropay is the quickest online payment solution with free money transfers between loved ones.

7. Ecopayz
Ecopayz is an online payment solution that facilitates worldwide sending, receiving and payment of funds without any credit checks.

8. Bitcoin.
You can easily create a bitcoin wallet that can enable you to make and receive payments using bitcoin. Analyze bitcoin trends and stay updated with forums.
The rules, regulations, licensing and legislation of any of these sites do not limit players that are not within the borders of New Zealand. However, having a validated license from a reliable administrative body is required for players on betting sites such as:

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission.
  • Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.

Support Services for Addictive Gamblers.

It is very important to inform someone for assistance if you notice you or somebody else is addicted to gambling.

Locating an addictive gambling center very close to you.
Services that assisted with gambling issues can be contacted through

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