New Zealand Gambling Legal Status

1. Recent Legal Conditions
Concerning the 2003 Gambling Act, it is quite legal for New Zealand players to partake in online casinos available oversees.

The New Zealand Racing Board is the only institution that regulates online sports gambling in New Zealand and also in charge of providing sports and racing gambling services. Online casino betting in New Zealand follows similar principles as online sports betting which implies that as long as it allows kiwi players and carried out outside of the borders of New Zealand, it is legal.

This principle also applies to online poker which also implies that as long as it been carried out outside the borders of New Zealand, it is legal.

2. Guidelines for Online betting sites and New Zealand players.
The government in New Zealand has established the guidelines for online betting for many years now. The 2003 Gambling Act has made online betting legal for New Zealanders as long as the casino is located outside the borders of New Zealand. Although a part of this guideline indicated that players in New Zealand are not permitted to participate in online betting that exists within the borders of New Zealand. This clarifies the doubts that exist about the legalities of online betting in New Zealand because online casino services do not exist within the borders of New Zealand.

Further questions that are related to online betting has been clarified by the New Zealand government. All the New Zealand players in compliance with the Gambling Act directive can partake in sports gambling and online poker because they are all classified under online betting. Players in New Zealand should also know that earnings from online betting are not included in the annual income tax reports.

3. Background of Betting in New Zealand.
Betting has always been regarded to be among the ancient form of gambling on earth. Although most traditional individuals dislike the practice of betting, a certain type of betting will always be discovered in almost every tradition. Today, betting activates grows annually and its prevalent activities have made it become an industry that is valued at billions. Betting is also a major area of online gaming in New Zealand just like many areas of the world.

Although betting in New Zealand has existed for centuries now, the initial European inhabitants brought the gaming activity into the country. Betting was also popularly known throughout the colonial period, the 1908 Gambling Act when launched restricted betting practices to the racetracks in New Zealand. But betting still became very popular in spite of this restriction. And guidelines that negates betting activities became less strict in 1951. With the introduction of the Golden Kiwi lottery, betting became prominent in New Zealand. The Christchurch housed New Zealandís first-ever casino that was opened in 1994. There is a total number of six casinos in New Zealand which comprises ventures in Queenstown, Dunedin, Auckland, and Hamilton. The biggest casino in the country is SkyCity casino and the biggest casino provider is the SkyCity Entertainment Group. When considering online betting in New Zealand, several modifications have been acknowledged from the methods Kiwi player bet which is one of the key determinants in the growth of betting in New Zealand. It is unlawful to operate a casino in New Zealand but can be played by residents of New Zealand that are more than 18 years and can be accessed abroad.

4. The body in charge of its legality
The internal Affairs Department in New Zealand is strictly regulating the practice of betting in New Zealand. Several years ago, different legal conditions cover different categories of betting, for instance, it was after 1961 before bookmarking became lawful in New Zealand. The Totalizer Agency Board, TAB also legalized the betting on horse race throughout the country. Today, the 2003 Gambling Act is still responsible for controlling the legalization of betting in New Zealand. Betting can be therefore grouped into four areas of legal betting and any difference that exist outside of these four are illegal. Additionally, a proportion of the earnings ought to be returned to the community. This does not, however, cover casinos since there are no legal casinos in New Zealand.

The Act forbids distant interactive betting. This covers all sports betting and casino establishments that can be electronically accessed through devices. The law described that even though having a casino within the borders of New Zealand is forbidden, these restrictions do not cover New Zealand players who participate in casinos found outside the borders of the country. Racing and sports betting is also regulated by the 2003 Gambling Act in New Zealand.
Betting bills that promote online bills are being voted by most governments to be controlled by law in order to describe the extent at which players in the country can participate in online betting. Some players have been forbidden to carry out any transaction in online casinos in some nations such as UIGAE act or USA while some permits online betting but ensure that some regulations and rules are adhered to by online casinos.

The UK is a perfect instance for this as a bill was passed by the parliament which controlled all online betting for residents in the UK and online providers within the borders of the UK. The UK Gambling Commission License is also compulsory for all providers in the UK and an annual charge has been imposed by the government in the UK. This step was implemented to ensure that players in the UK enjoy complete protection by the law.

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