New Zealand Gambling Legal Status

1. Recent Legal Conditions
Concerning the 2003 Gambling Act, it is quite legal for New Zealand players to partake in online casinos available oversees.

The New Zealand Racing Board is the only institution that regulates online sports gambling in New Zealand and also in charge of providing sports and racing gambling services. Online casino betting in New Zealand follows similar principles as online sports betting which implies that as long as it allows kiwi players and carried out outside of the borders of New Zealand, it is legal.
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Gambling in New Zealand: Anything You Wanted to Know

The Department of Internal Affairs is in charge of handling Gambling in New Zealand. A percentage of the profits from every public gambling is required to be given to the society. State-owned institutions are controlled by the highest percentage of the betting industry. Betting expenses in 2008 are about $NZ 2,034 billion ($NZ 480 per capita) which is a ten times increase from 1985’s estimation.
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Online Casino Games in New Zealand

Although, believing that the supervised, governed and the state-regulated betting services are effectively working to cater for their players and customers are extremely likely to be true.

If you ever require placing an online bet….

…. You would find out that local online venues are not accessible. The only online betting provided and monitored by the New Zealand laws are TAB, The New Zealand Racing Board and Lotto NZ.
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New Zealand Online Casinos/Betting 101

Lawful Online Betting in New Zealand

The kiwi player pool can be proportionally associated with many others and even those in the South African betting industry. There are probably about 3 million players in New Zealandís island nation that effectively participate in every betting practices within the borders of the country.
An evaluation from 2012 estimated cash flow of above two billion NZD throughout the countryís betting industry. The outcomes a decade later cannot even be contemplated.
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